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Meeting your food packaging needs is our mission!

We develop customized packaging concepts tailored to our clients' specific needs while adhering to the highest standards of the food industry.

At Ideal Wholesale, customization is our greatest strength. We create packaging in your company's colors to make it unique and maximize your visibility!

Emballage alimentaire - Packaging alimentaire personnalisé

Environmental respect with eco-friendly products

Our commitment to providing environmentally friendly packaging solutions shines through our exclusive selection of eco-responsible products made from recycled, recyclable, reusable, biodegradable, and/or compostable materials.

Food container supplier

Our products are carefully selected and developed with the aim of meeting superior quality criteria and adhering to the highest safety standards of the food industry.

Custom Packaging

Our skilled team is attentive to customer needs and always prioritizes a personalized and flexible approach focused on customer satisfaction.

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Information about our company and advice for our clients!

Règlements interdisant les plastiques à usage unique

Regulations prohibiting single-use plastics

Guide sur la nouvelle réglementation sur les plastiques à usage unique Contexte réglementaire et implications pour les entreprises Le gouvernement du Canada a adopté le…

Emballage écoresponsable

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Packaging

Qu’est-ce qu’un emballage écoresponsable? Un emballage écoresponsable agit à titre de gardien de la nature en ce sens qu’il est pensé et créé avec amour pour…

Emballages de Carton et d’Aluminium sur Mesure : L’Engagement des Entreprises Locales en Faveur de l’Écoresponsabilité

Custom Cardboard and Aluminum Packaging: The Commitment of Local Businesses Towards Eco-Responsibility

In a world where environmental awareness has become essential, local businesses, such as restaurants, grocery stores, and other retailers, play a role…

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